Alias A.K.A.


Evolve Records EVO013
Sounds United | 10106942 | Digital Download | 06.06.2016 | Trance

"New trance music from artists and producers from around the world... from Mexico, Russia, Norway, Japan, India and Australia."

PLEASE NOTE: The DJ Ayk 'Hold Me Baby (Alias A.K.A. Remix)' is incorrectly listed as DJ Ayk 'Hold Me Baby (Remix)' due to an administrative error at Sounds United, which also plagued the original release on Arcadia Moon Records 10097412. Sounds United promised to correct their database after the issue on the Arcadia Moon Records release but has failed to do so. Alias A.K.A. is massively disappointed that the remix is not correctly credited again.


01. Soarsonic 'Further Prosperity (Club Mix)'
02. Carl Daylim 'Love You Forever (Club Mix)'
03. Reece Weston 'Distant Shores'
04. Miky 'Deep Night (Club Mix)'
05. Spaceptima 'Symbiosis (Extended Mix)'
06. Frozen Skies 'X (Anniversary Mix)'
07. DJ Ayk 'Hold Me Baby (Alias A.K.A. Remix)' [MP3]
08. Sunsitive Featuring Angel Falls 'Summer Love (Carlos De La Garza)'
09. Reece Weston 'Prologue (Extended Version)'
10. Reece Weston 'Brayford (Radio Mix)'
11. Frozen Skies 'We Come In Peace (Lukies Remix)'
12. Chronicles & Mariafila 'Metztli (Extended Mix)'
13. Riser Featuring Roza 'I Don't Know (Club Mix)'
14. Emre Colak 'Unforgiven (Extended Edit)'
15. Sunsitive 'Above The Clouds (Extended Mix)'
16. Adam Firegate & Tensile Force 'Moments (Tensile Force's Lifted Mix)'
17. Frozen Skies 'Immortals Of Minoa (Dennis Reed Remix)'
18. Rishi Franklin 'Taurean'
19. Dan Norvan 'Heartless Soul (Club Mix)'
20. Ariams 'The Wolf (Club Mix)'
21. Raddle B & Vlad Bogdanov 'Eternal (Gattaga Remix)'
22. Reece Weston 'Brayford'
23. Riser 'R.I.P. (Extended Mix)'
24. Miky 'Nomad (Club Mix)'
25. Reece Weston 'Back Room'
26. Physical Phase 'A Little Of Noise (Club Mix)'
27. Azure Mind 'Free Rider (Extended Mix)'
28. Fresh Code 'Destiny (Club Mix)'
29. Markell Featuring Nika White 'Never Let You Go (Alexey Bochkarev Remix)'
30. D'nial 'Liquid Star (Club Mix)'
31. Veizo 'Limerencia (Radio Mix)'
32. Sander Van Derghast 'Genesis (Extended Mix)'
33. Kgee & Bechs 'Falling Skies'
34. Tarvali 'Snowfall (Club Mix)'
35. Rick X & Omar 'In A Parallel Universe'
36. Infected X 'The Dark One (Club Mix)'
37. Sebastian White & Silver Night 'White Knight (Club Mix)'
38. Ariams 'Aurora (Extended Mix)'
39. Tyson X & Dheeraj Bosco 'Kamehameha (Extended Version)'
40. DJ Eternity & Vince T Projekt 'Dreamflight (Hard Trance Mix)'


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℗ 2016 Sounds United. 2016 Sounds United. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Sounds United. Released and produced by Sounds United.
2007- Alias A.K.A.